6 Reasons Your Company Should Start Working With Freelance Writers

That more companies are beginning to realize the importance of content marketing is quite impressive. Every serious business needs to keep up with the demand for quality content by prospective clients.

This is because quality content positions them as industry leaders, improves their brands, expands their reach and helps them to get new clients and retain existing ones.

However, web content development isn’t as easy as it appears, although the need for businesses to keep their business blogs updated with fresh and quality content keeps growing. Therefore, companies must find a way to keep up with this demand.

This is why they need to work with freelance writers. Whether you have a content marketing department already or you have staff writers, the role of freelance writers is to complement your content strategy and to add a bit more dynamism to the system.

Below, we present 6 cogent reasons why your company should engage freelance writers in its content marketing strategy.

1. Demand For Quality Web Content Is Ever-Increasing

In recent times, small businesses have realized that they need to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for quality web content. In fact, marketers are creating more content than before and a sizeable number of businesses are increasing their content marketing budget.

This means that more companies will produce more content than they did in the previous years and that’s a perfect premise for them to start working with freelance writers.

It’s quite obvious that by publishing more quality pieces of content, digital companies tend to gain more online visibility an increased brand engagement. Freelance writers definitely have a role to play in the actualizing this goal.

2. Access To Freelance Writers With Diverse Experience

One of the advantages of freelance writing is that it helps writers to gain diverse experience. Although it’s near impossible for writers to become masters of every subject, it is, however, possible to find writers who have mastered certain niches or industries to an advanced level.

Having access to writers from different niches adds more energy to your content marketing efforts because you’d be getting a constant supply of content. To benefit from this wide array of talents, organizations should have staff editors and content strategists while the content development can be handled by freelancers. It makes it easy for everybody.

3. Faster Delivery Time

There are two main driving factors for freelance writers to deliver to their clients. These are quality content and project deadline. Freelance writers know that if they’re to get repeat clients, they have to deliver unparalleled value without compromising time. Therefore, they work hard to meet their targets.

Writers who deliver to time always attract repeat clients and earn more than their counterparts who complete their writing assignments late. Freelance writers are generally wired to complete projects within stringent timelines. But this is not to say that they don’t wear out as a result of the intense pressure to deliver. They’re humans too.

That’s why individuals and corporate organizations that work with freelance writers should always set realistic timelines for projects. Because let’s face it: it’s not the turnaround time that really matters. Rather, it’s the quality of the turnaround – which produces the desired results – that makes the difference.

4. Working With Writers From Different Parts Of The World

One of the most interesting things about working with freelance writers is that you will always find someone to match your desired skill sets.

For example, it’s better to hire a freelance writer from Africa when you want to write about the African culture rather than engage your in-house writer.

To the African writer, the content comes naturally. But the non-African writer who has an inadequate grasp of the African culture will spend long hours conducting research in order come up with something that’s meaningful.

Another twist to this is to look for a non-African writer that was born in Africa or has lived in African long enough to understand their culture. The truth is that topics like this are perfect when the writer has directly experienced the local culture of the people.

This requirement should be clearly stated in your advert copy.

5. You Can Focus On Other Aspects Of Business

Those who often work with freelance writers do so because they want to make more money not because they want to save more money. Here’s the idea. By allowing freelancers to take on jobs that form clutters, you would save more time. The time that you would have spent writing would be used to attend to other important aspects of your business.

Many businesses want to improve their marketing efforts through quality copy, but they simply can’t do the writing themselves due to other pressing obligations. For establishments looking to scale up their businesses, allowing freelance writers to remove the pain of constructing a carefully written, insightful, error-free piece of copy should never be given a second thought.

6. Freelance writers Get Results

Freelance writers are able to deliver results because of the amount of experience they’ve gathered from working with different clients. They take on a project, deliver it, get feedback, and improve on their previous work. That’s the efficiency cycle of every serious freelance writers.

Not only this, they also get results because of the way they work. Most freelance writers work from their comfort zones – it could be from the comfort of their home, a cafe, or a co-working space. The mere fact that they can work in a relaxed atmosphere as against the sometimes tense atmosphere of the workplace makes them work at their best.

Sometimes, the lack of commute time in their daily schedules keeps them energized and helps them to focus more on the job. It also allows them to deliver their assignments on time.

This has also worked for us here at Freelancing Pro and that’s we always get results for our clients.

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